Be Grateful to Allah Always – Imam Hussein Urges

Hussein Urges

The Imam of the Ghana Police Service, SUPOL Imam Abdur Rahim Hussein has admonished Muslims to always be grateful to Allah SWT in whatever situation they find themselves in. 

Delivering his Khutba (Friday sermon) at the Cantonment Police Mosque Under the the topic, “Being grateful to Allah”, Imam Hussein urged Muslims not to be thankful to Allah only during good times, but they should thank Allah too when when there are setbacks.

In an insightful delivery of the topic, Imam Hussein touched on various aspects of gratitude such as the fundamentals of being grateful, importance of gratitude, showing gratitude to fellow men and the benefits of being grateful to Allah among others.



Imam Hussein noted that it was essential to be grateful and outlined three fundamentals of being grateful to Allah which should be observed. 

The first fundamental of being grateful, which Imam Hussein mentioned was to  recognize the favour of Allah. “I is important for a Muslim to acknowledge that any favour he enjoys  is from Allah and he or she should show gratitude,” he preached. 

The second fundamental Imam Hussein mentioned is that one should always express the favour of Allah and be thankful to Him. “You should show gratitude to the one who has favored you by expressing that favour of Allah and praising Him for giving you that favour. When you do this, it means you are thankful and you are grateful,” he added.

The third fundamentals of being grateful, as Imam Hussein outlined, is to use the favour of Allah to worship Allah. He explained that using the favour of Allah in worshiping him, is doing what is expected of you or what is desired by Allah. 

“Whatever position, education, status or favour you have attained, use that favour or position well in order to attain the mercy of Allah. Things that your not supposed to take money for doing, do it for free in appreciation of Allah’s favour on you,” Imam Hussein advised. 

He encouraged various professionals such as Imams, doctors, politicians, etc. to use the favours Allah has given them to be professional, fair, firm, sincere, frank and kind, to people when dealing with them



Imam Hussein said a critical look at both words meant the same in language because in both words, one is being thankful but in reality, one goes beyond just being thankful. 

While shukur, as he explained, is being grateful when something good one expects happens, al hamdu, the Imam explained, is being grateful to Allah for anything that happens, whether good or bad, especially unexpected misfortune. 

“For instance, when one one’s dreams comes into reality, one has to be thankful; that is shukur. And in the same vein, when the unexpected happens, i.e setbacks and calamities, one still has to be thankful to Allah as that He has decreed. For example when you are seek and you’re not even okay, you still should be grateful and respond alhamdulillah when you are asked about your health.



Imam Hussein stressed on the importance of being gratitude. He said due to the importance Allah attaches to gratitude, Allah mentions His name as Al Shaakir. 

Imam Hussein added Allah made gratitude as one of the attributes of His Messengers and that Allah’s Messengers were all thankful to Allah in whatever situation they found themselves in. 

“Being thankful is also one of the attributes of a believer and indeed Allah has commanded that man must be grateful,” 



Imam Hussein also expressed the importance of being grateful among us when we do something good or show kindness to ourselves. 

He advised the congregation to always show gratitude to people in accordance with three Islamic principles, as thought by the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Imam Hussein noted that, the Prophet had urged believers to recompense anyone who is kind to you. But if you have nothing to compensate him, pray for the fellow until you feel you have prayed enough.

Imam Hussein also urged Muslims to say “jazaa kalaahu hairan” to anyone who does good or show kindness to them, because the Prophet had said that, whoever says that to a kind person person has fully express appreciation.

And to those who do good to others, Imam Hussein urged them not to expect any favour or praises in return. He said the Prophet admonished that whoever does good or show kindness should not expect to be praised or thanked by the receiver because the good or the kindness was done for the sake of Allah. 



Bringing the sermon to a close, Imam Hussein urged all to strive to be among the people who show gratitude to Allah. But he asked an important question, which was: “how do you know you are among the people who show gratitude to Allah?”

He provided the following characteristics or attributes one should posses to be among the people who are thankful or show gratitude to Allah:

1. You should always fear Allah. When you fear Allah always, it will aid you to always show gratitude. Because Allah Himself says that fear Allah because when you do that, you will always be grateful to Him. The key therefore to be grateful always is to fear Allah.

2. Be content with what you. If you are content with what you have and accept it as what Allah has provided or decreed, you will always be grateful. Indeed the Prophet Muhammad SAW urged us to be among those who are content with what they have so that they will be among the grateful people.

3. Prostrate in gratitude. Whenever something great happens to you, prostrate in gratitude to Allah and when you do this constantly, you will be among the grateful people.

4. Be prayerful. The Prophet Muhammad urged us to be prayerful and thank Allah after every prayers. He recommended the following dua’ “Oh Allah I ask you to help me, to be among those who remember you and those who are grateful for the favour you have done for them and to be among the best who worship you”. Saying this dua constantly will place you among the thankful people.

5. Reflect on the favour of Allah on you.

6. Use the favour of Allah on you to worship Him.



Imam Hussein outlined two important benefits to those who are among the grateful people:

1. Allah does not punish the grateful. As Allah said: “why should Allah chastise you if you are grateful and believe.?”. This means that those who are grateful are believers and Allah won’t torment them.

2. Allah increases those who are grateful. In deed Allah says: “and when your Lord made it known that of you are grateful, I will certainly give you more. If you are ungrateful, my chastisement is truly severe.”



In conclusion, Imam Hussein observed that those among the grateful people are very few and quoted the sacred text to buttress his point. 

Imam Hussein quoted Allah Himself as saying in the Qur’an that: “and very few of my servants are grateful.”. 

He therefore urged all to strive to be among the people who are grateful to Allah.

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