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The Ghana Police Mosque situated within the police barracks at Cantonments, started from humble beginnings in the year 2000 and went through various stages to accommodate the growing number of worshippers.

Before the first mosque structure was constructed, officers at the headquarters of the Ghana police, prisons and fire service used to observe Friday jum’ah prayers at the conference hall of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) headquarters, which also served as a church on Sundays.

The need therefore arose to construct a mosque centrally located to accommodate personnel from the three (3) services whose offices are all within Cantonments.

Led by the Chairman of the defunct Security Services Muslim Association (SSMA), Alhaji Mohammed Adam (ACP,Rtd), the Association .With his initial approval of the request, the Association approached the police administration for a parcel of land identified at the Cantonments Police Barracks. Through the instrumentality of Mr. Kofi Duku Arthur (DCOP rtd), the then Inspector General of Police, Mr. Peter Nanfuri approved the request for the piece of land and work begun in earnest in October 1999. In January 2000, the mosque was formally commissioned by Mr. Peter Nanfuri and thus Jum’ah prayers began in this mosque.

Within a period of about two to three weeks, it become clear that the capacity of the built mosque (about 50 worshipers) could not contain the increasing number of worshipers.

Again the association and the mosque committee formally approached the Metro TV for assistance to expand the mosque. They readily agreed and the expansion work begun immediately and within a period about two (2) months the mosque was expanded and modernized with air conditioning units to a capacity of approximately 200 worshippers.

Yet again as the years went by, the mosque committee had to erect tents outside the mosque to accommodate the ever increasing number of persons which came from across the entire city of Accra and including persons of different nationalities and professions.

The mosque was also in need of additional facilities such as proper washrooms and ablution areas, offices, library to serve the needs of the Muslim community.

This dream of having a bigger structure with more facilities coincided with the will of some devoted businessmen to invest in a mosque that serves the nation and stands as an Islamic icon in the area, thus the idea of building a masterpiece was conceived to glorify Allah and also ensure that the community had a more comfortable and convenient place of worship.

And Allalm grace we hereby commission this wonderful structure that stands today m m landmark for the police and the city of Accra.

Our Mission
To to to be an Islamic institution focused on education and social activities with particular interest in matters of security
Our Mission
Provide an atmosphere for spiritual and intellectual development by the Quran and Sunnah.


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